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05 December 2012“Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom”  didn’t grow on me - I liked it instantly from the first bars of the initial funky, bluesy guitar riff. It was launched in early-mid November, and made available for free download at the end of the month, and I’ve just discovered it thanks to The Kollection blog.  The track is a collaboration between US-based Slovenian producer Gramatik and Detroit artist Griz, together known as GrizmatikThis sonic journey begins with the aforementioned riff, chopped up samples hip hop style, and a kick drum - heavy groove, before partially morphing into something closer to contemporary electro. I personally am not an avid fan of the ubiquitous dubstep/bass music sound of recent years, but half way through this track Grizmatik perfectly combine elements of the genres together with chopped up vocal blues samples and that same heavy kick drum. Just when the listener thinks the track will play out like this, they switch again back to a highly contagious funk-soul groove, mixing it up like a prize winning hip-hop DJ. Hectic, refreshing and laid back and confident all at once.

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