The Six O'Clock Shadow

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08 December 2012. I’ve just discovered the music of Sojourn Society - a New York based band formed a few months ago. The high tempo "Caption Closed" has an aura of 80’s new wave, achieving an upbeat but at the same time melancholy sentiment reminiscent of some of The Cure’s work. Production wise, the song benefits from the mix, especially the drums, sounding very “alive” (and not highly compressed or overly-polished like much of today’s music), enhancing the connection between band and listener. There’s a catchiness about each part of the song - and nice contrasts between the pleasantly ondulating vocal melody and very direct drumming of the verses, the more rhythmic singing in the pre-chorus, and the chorus itself, with the guitar taking more protagonism as the track progresses. Sojourn Society have six songs currently up on Soundcloud, with enough variation in style and mood to stay fresh, and enough coherence to give the band its own sound.